Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dig the new breed

Straight outta Jersey [as in New Jersey, not the Channel Islands] comes some top-class work from BCR M/Cs, cafe racer specialists and builders of the highest order. Stay tuned for more from us at Vida Moto from this great shop, they do a nice line in caff'd up cb750s, always a good thing in my book, with a similarly-healthy taste in sporties, triumphs old 'n' new, and anything else really.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Welcome to my world

Hi everyone, just trying some new stuff out. I feel a bit like the guy in 2010 space odysey (sp), broadcasting to absolutely no-one. Testing, testing 1-2. Here's a random motorcycle shot, because this blog is gonna be ALL ABOUT MOTORCYCLES. No dragsters, tattoos, punk bands, birds or any other nonsense, just BIKES, all sorts but especially classics, cafes, choppers, bobbers and anything else really.