Thursday 11 April 2013

Life. Style.

From the excellent 'with evo spo' blog .

You can't buy cool this cool, huh?

Sorry I haven't been around much, the band (Crash Landings) has been taking up such amounts of free time I get.  Not that I'm complainin'! It's all good.

Take it EZ out there...much like yer man on the shovel choper. Ok, maybe not QUITE as easy!

Saturday 30 March 2013


Some nifty artwork done by our mate Rob for the band I'm doing some bass for. 

To be honest it's a little hardcore for our style, which is kinda Clash/Ramones.

Nice work though, Rob is a massive tattoo fan and has had some of his ink in a few mags.

On another thing, I am properly back online, will be back to daily posting (I hope).  Happy Easter everyone!

Monday 25 March 2013


Totally unpretencious 100% Biker magazine. Highly reccomended, grass roots choppers and customs for those who are less self-aware and more into bikes and partyin'.

Friday 22 March 2013


I'm still awaiting retrieving my laptop from the post-house move box fest that is my house at the moment, so posted from work - another old shot of my honda chop.  This is how it arrived back in 96 - morphed into the orange version below over a couple of years, I'll see if I can dig out some other pics of later changes.  GBNF.

Thursday 21 March 2013

My ol' SOHC

When I run outta things to post and say ... I usually drum up an old pic of my GBNF honda.  Wish I'd never sold it. This was version 1 - many changes came later, but this - non-rebuilt motor, stock carbs, points and a aftermarket 4-1 - was actually the most reliable it ever ran.

My 1st go at paint too! With quite a lot of help, it must be said.

Tuesday 19 March 2013


Yeah, that's what chopper ridin' is all on my friend Mick D's superb amen saviour framed honda SOHC chop in the new mexico of the best days ever. 

Helmet laws suck!

But are quite sensible actually ;)

Wednesday 6 March 2013


Guys - I'm still here!  But having just moved an' all,  proper broadband is a distant hope.

I should be back in 10 days or so.

Thanks for your support -and I hope to be back to following your excellent sites too.

peace out ;]