Thursday, 24 February 2011

hard to beat

Once the sporty's fixed ( i got a few days off, so rings are getting ordered today), she's off to fleabay with hopefully a rich fool on the wrong end of a 'buy it now'. Ok, actually I'd like a fair price and it to go to a good home, ie someone who'll hardtail it without mercy.

That should leave me with a decent wedge, once a few bits n bobs are paid off. And that wedge- hopefully- will be wisely spent on one of these frames from 'hard up choppers', a UK builder down in Sussex. £495 with engine plates and battery box is an absolute steal, to my mind, and hopefully the result will be something like this. It's actually their kinda show/demo bike, and was in BSH recently; the whole idea of the kit is that bandit 6/12 or GSXR motor and running gear fits right up (within reason- nothing's an airfix kit, right?!), and you get to sling together a nice chop without being a master welder etc.

I'd prefer more stretch, and I'd rather have spoked wheels or mags (19 or 21), and probably a few other thing, but I need a rigid with a modern motor, and this looks a pretty smart way to get in the game.

Roll on june- I gotta do my final exams/project and the small matter of gettin' hitched(!) first, then it's back to the shed!

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