Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Are you sick of plastic rockabillies? I know I am - and I know where my roots are too. NWOBHM kings Maiden rule. 'Piece of mind' has been getting heavy airplay round my yard (ok, car) lately, just awesome. Get yer kids off Funeral for a friend (or whatever nonsense they listen to) and into some of this!!!


  1. I could listen to Maiden forever! When my phone rings The Number Of The Beast goes on. I even bought the K2 limited edition Killers skis!
    Maiden rule, and lots of other stuff from the 80's. My wife today was listening to Twisted Sister. My two little girls sing I wanna Rock'n'Roll All Night And Party Everyday. Life is good when your heavy metal soundtrack plays.
    Just wanted to say hi, from Italy.
    Francesco Crazyoils

  2. Hi Francesco - thanks - yes life is good with metal!!

  3. Love the Maiden. Saw them open for Judas Priest back in 1980. Been hooked ever since.