Wednesday, 28 March 2012

AWoL swede rat

When I was a lad, there was a bike mag called AWoL, as in alternative way of life. It was pretty cool, actually it was bloody brilliant, and somehow managed to combine anarchist-squatter politics with outlaw MC coverage; most of all, though, it was about down-to-earth bikers and their rides.

This superdream 250 was built by Mark, one of the editorial team, and is a cracking bike. I wonder where it is now?

Mag-wise, thank God we still have 100% Biker. I don't bother with the rest.


  1. A buddy of mine gave me a bunch of old mags earlier this year. A few issues of AWoL were among them. I remember thumbing through them and thinking they stood out. I need to go dig them up...

  2. dude, i saw your blog, how do i sign up as a follower?