Saturday, 15 January 2011

Anyone else live under a stone?

Jeez, I didn't even know the Norton name was still in use- other than for bizarre Wankel (as in Rotary) -engined police cruisers- then I see this beauty. Could almost be the real thing, couldn't it? One thing's for sure, it's a superb motorcycle, and just oozes quality. And it IS a real cafe racer!


  1. Problem is that the price, for a basic Norton the price is around US$17,899 and US$19,499 for the higher spec version with carbon fibre wheels etc, so I can see the Triumph Bonneville being the favoured choice amongst Brit loving bikers...Especially as these come in at around US$8,399!! half the price!!.

  2. Sure- but we can all dream. Apparently they're sold out(Norton)so there must be a demand; obviously the recession hasn't hit everybody, I guess. Yer absolutely right, Triumph is a lot of 'bang for your buck'.

  3. The new Nortons are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. But, Volksrat has got it right, the price is brutal. I don't see one in my near future, probably not even my long term future - maybe before I'm dead, but even that is doubtful.

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