Friday, 14 January 2011

my old honda

This was my life's work for about 9 years! Sometimes I really wish I'd never sold this bike(it went boxing day 2005). But there you go. I love the older stuff- but I like reliability a whole lot more. Not that I mind working on bikes, it's just I prefer do it by choice-ie building-rather than necessity.

'75 Honda SOHC 750 rebuilt
stockframe, hardtail rear section, rebuilt wheels and brakes etc, new metzelers
cycle-x twin mikuni 34 carb set up (1st in UK!)
MAC drags, NOS
brit oiltank
mucho stainless by Mild 2 Wild and Soott's
stainless fasteners
seat by anusol


  1. very cool bike. i like your sportster also!

  2. Thanx bro. I got something planned for this year too!

  3. I have a 550 from '78 and even though it isn't worth a damned dime or the time it takes to keep it up I love it. I'm moving soon and can't bring myself to get rid of it. I should just sell it and buy one with a good primary chain when I get to my final destination, but I just can't do it.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  4. I know man, those old fours certainly have a kinda charm, run good too