Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Big seat! Fairing! Radials! Mirrors! Shocks!

'Scuze the daft title, but do you ever get the feeling all the bikes you see trumpeted all over the web on sites and blogs like this one tend to follow a, er, 'particular style'? I tell you what, I do, and I reckon it's time to add a little variety to the mix. Sure, I'll be posting plenty of trad-style choppers and (dare I say it) bobbers- but there'll also be bikes like this gorgeous Guzzi, streetfighters, maybe even some racers and factory bikes too, if they're nice. There'll be plenty of Jap-powered chops, not just standard Brit/Harley fare.

This blog's gonna be all about a positive attitude, and the focus is squarely on motorcycles. I really welcome any contributions from readers, send me some pics of your projects, and I'll get them up here. Ride on!

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