Sunday, 7 November 2010

so it had to happen...

It was inevitable there'd be some harleys on vidaMOTO- especially seein' as that's what everyone builds chops out of- but here's a couple in a timeless style, which don't slavishly 'follow the rules'. You might have seen 'em before, as they're both the products of one of the UK's most prolific and talented builders, Phil Piper from Check their site out, it's first rate.

This pair have all the Piper trademarks- rigid frame, big HD motor, modern brakes and tyres, and lots of tasty one-off machining and fab work. It's all about getting the lines right-which yer man does every time- then working from there. Check the pipes exiting between the open belt on the black evo- click the pix and see the detail work that makes chops like these just SO nice.

Fantastic work, and always an inspiration.

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