Friday, 12 November 2010


As in swing-arms, or more accurately swing-arm chops, such as these two(should be 'swinging arm' really, shouldn't it? Rest assured I won't be referring to 'triple trees' and such).

I really wish I knew more about these two, because anything else I might say is mere guesswork, and these deserve better than that. I'd venture they're influenced at least by the current Japanese style, but just check that build quality and finish. Both bikes have lines and proportions that flow 'just so', no mean feat with a swingarm and dual shocks, tho' I doubt there's a great deal of suspension on either ride. Who needs comfort when you look this cool?

I'd just like to say,to my handful of readers worldwide, thankyou for your interest and support. I know the content has been a little 'static' thus far- just stolen pics of parked-up motorcycles- but I do hope to vary things a little in the near future. Stay tuned, and remember, comments and feedback are gratefully received. Prost!

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  1. hi Seb.
    Second one is a favourite of mine.
    It inspired the paint on my shovel. Simple 3mm paint lines. Both these bikes are from Bratstyle site. Cool