Monday, 22 November 2010

ENUFF ALREADY/any followers please note

Enough choppershack/Phil Piper chops that is; but as a swansong, here's a coupla fine shovels,both of which were absolutely state of the art when they were put together round the early 90s.

Vida MOTO will be a little quiet for the next few days as I'm back on nights, but I'll try and put up some candy. In the meantime, keep da shineysideup!

And a further note- on my 1st post for this blog, I said this was gonna be 'all about bikes', with no other nonsense. Which is all well and good...except I've noticed the content has been a little 'dry' (that means kinda dull), so I guess I'll try and include some different stuff. [I've just saved a week's worth of posts which are ALL bike pix, so don't hold yer breath!]

edit- for anyone who's taken the time to click the 'follow' button- thanks for your support, as a measure of my appreciation I've amended my follow list to include all of your blogs. I do try and read any updates you do- of course we can't all keep up with everything, but I figure we all have to try and support one another as best we can. Keep up the good work- if it weren't for this stuff, I might have to actually buy a bike mag!