Thursday, 4 November 2010

'drink yer black coffee...

...stare at the wall'

lyrical class from Rollins frontin' up BLACK FLAG or was it Keith the other guy?

Not too sure, what I do know is Honda's 'world's 1st superbike' cb750/4 SOHC is a beautiful machine that makes a cafe that's SOOOOOOO right. I like 'em, that's my old orange 750 chop from the mid-90s in the 1st pic on Vida MOTO. You musta seen Carpy's work before, aka Steve Carpenter, expat brit now in SoCal; that's one of his, resplendent in deep black and gold/checks, while the other one is a Belgian caff off of, great site (only if you like cafe racers, that is), not that you'd ever guess with a name like that, would you?

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