Thursday, 2 December 2010


How's this for shovel love, people? 4-speed frames could almost be 'the new hardtail', huh? There's definitely something about this style of HD tho'. The lines of that stock shovel chassis are just badass, and look even better given the skinny seat-n-coker treatment.

Damn, and I thought I was going to try and get away from the bobber craze- stick with the programme, man, remember the steps...

More jap chops, caffs and maybe even some quarter-scorching dragbikes comin' soon.


  1. yeh mate, yours is right up there, shiny rules!

  2. Think of the public man! It's wot uz kidz want.

  3. you can take take the bobber outta the boy...or sumfin! fear not, i'll be putting plenty of standard trad stuff up on the site, just want to vary the theme a little.