Tuesday, 14 December 2010

walkin' the walk #2

Following from the shots the other day- my 75 Honda 750 hardtail, 2002. Note new seatmount, frisco'd tank(ok, you can't see that), new fender struts, dogbones, dyna coils, pod filters, tyres, and loads of other bits. Last incarnation- of which i can't find a pic- featured a tiny battery box(kick only), twin mikuni vm34 carbs on custom manifolds(cycle-x), and Mac 4:4 drags. Looked great, never ran too good- smoked a lot despite a rebore etc.

That's enuff past glories- I sure hope to bring pix of a fresh project before too long. If you think I'm a BS merchant, yeh I am, but I'm also doing a law degree alongside my fulltime job as a paramedic, with 2 young kids it doesn't leave a lot of time for building chops at the moment. That's my excuse anyhow.

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