Monday, 27 December 2010

was santa good to you?

Thanks to my top bird of a missus for a year's sub to 'iron horse' mag- must be Californian cos she ordered it in November and it's not being sent out til Jan!- and my mate Bry who knows I have an (un)healthy obsession with 1% clubs,so give me this top book (highly recommended by the way, I've already done 300 pages!)


  1. Old Turtle on the front, are you sure ???????

  2. nice. i hadnt heard of that book, but since i share your 1% problem, im gonna have to get it.

  3. ok quaff, i hear ya, but 'the thought was there'!

    AW- there's no shortage of biker lit out there, but this was pretty good- stuff from members, police and people 'in between'.