Tuesday, 7 December 2010

come on you irons

What's even nicer than a crazyorange evo sporty bobber-style stock framed custom (talk about pigeon-holing!)? Give up? I'll tell ya- an ironhead one. Yes it looks a bit 'wrong' but that's kinda the appeal. That retro pearl-red flameout finishes it off really nice, as do all the usual details. Lovin' that banana seat too. Never did the poor man's shovel look so fine, well maybe it did, but this is pretty fine too.


  1. YUMMY... reminds me so much of my early riding days in the early 70's...sweet ride.

  2. yeh, i wonder how accurate these retro rides are- but i'm sure they evoke the times. anything that reminds me of early riding days is kool!