Friday, 10 December 2010

something about #2

As you can tell, among the scores of bike marques I have a 'thing' for, guzzis are right up there. You may have seen I posted a couple of crackers the other day- here's another, which the builder's got absolutely bang-on.

He's nailled the mix of retro and modern which is never easy, and the bike maintains a whole load of cafe class. Take a moment to check the lines of the bodywork- how the manx-style fairing blends with the lower aspect of the tank, finished off with a mini 'hump' seat that keeps everything in proportion. I'm no expert on Guzzis (or anything really), but those wheels have a real 80s look to me; the lump, however, looks bang up to date, the squarer covers give it away. Black and gold is a classic for this ride, just like a 10-pack of John Player Special.

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