Monday, 11 February 2013


I've lately becaome a massive fan of these big old BMW twins.  They've got all the classic ingredients of a great cafe and just need some tasteful fettling to turn into a supersmart ride.

The paint might not be up everyone's alley, but I'm diggin' those neat exhausts, the subtle polishing, and just the way everything's been really tidied up. Less is more ...  (more cliches tommorrow, guaranteed)

I ain't saying it was easy turning out a bike like this - far from it, the simplicity belies the amount of money, time and work a skilled builder needs to put in to turn out something as nice as this - but it remains the sort of project a resourceful person can set their sites on and achieve realistically without needing a whole bunch of specialised tools and skills.

I'm hoping to get my grubby mitts on an airhead soon as we move house.  I very much doubt it'll turn out as professional a this one, but watch this space!

Note - these pics should go big if you click on 'em - apologies recent pics have been 'small'.

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