Wednesday, 13 February 2013


If yer anything like me, you'll have come across a whole load of people who reckon they flew colours at some stage in their lives.  Some no doubt will have, some maybe were on the fringes, and some ....say no more.

Whatever, there's all kind of books on the subject too, starting of course with Hunter, going through the legendary pulp fiction New English Library titles of the mid - 70s to the latter day works from a host of authors.

'Outlaws' is one of the better ones and focuses, unsurprisingly, on the UK arm of the AOA.  It's a kind of down-to-earth read that will remind you why you're at home with a book not tearing it up with a bunch of 1%-ers!

Like I said, it's only one of a plethora out there, but certainly worth a look.

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