Monday, 25 February 2013


Oo -er missus, I love a good view 'up the pipe'...

I love a good old CB750 too. This one is nothing to do with me, just a shot taken from a cool angle I nicked as usual.

As to my own much missed CB... Hours I spent on that b*stard rear drum, cush drive (gluing bits of inner tube to pad it out, old dispatcher's trick .. gotta love a proper bodge-up job),missing bearing retainer that locked me wheel at 50 on the shakedown run... man that wheel assembly was a hobby in itself, albeit one that wanted to kill me.

Will I get another ... hmmm ... jury's out. Nice to look at tho', and when sorted they are a stonkin' ride.


  1. A great old bus indeed Seb, 'the' bike that drove the final nail in the coffin of the British motorcycle industry, on top of the damage already inflicted by the legendary Black Bomber.

  2. yeh indeed...HD, ducati and BMW have shown you can keep an old engine DESIGN going, but you gotta refine it! triumph left the turner twin (albeit a beautiful motor) essentially as it was in the 30s.
    the hinckley operation is a whole lot more marketing savvy!

    1. Absolutely Seb, prior to the Purple Penis the only other new bike I'd owned was an orange '94 Speed Tripper when I worked at the local dealer, fucking great ride, not unlike the motor feel of a T150/160/Rocket III only twenty years down the track . . . Turner was a genius but those who followed did fuck all to keep the momentum going.