Friday, 8 February 2013


Sporties rule, they're a great bike for girls AND boys!

Ladeez 'n' gennullmen, all the best cafes are (arguably) 'specials' - as in a mongrel mix of one builder's frame and another's motor.  The definitive special is of course the Dresda Triton - 650 pre unit Triumph twin in a Norton featherbed frame - but the variations on the theme included all manner of Tribsas, Noriels and god knows what else.  Most desirable of all is ogri's ride - the Norvin.

Which brings me to the Norley.  Google it and you'll find a beautiful repro featherbed frame kit with alloy tank for sale for not much more than a new rigid chopper setup.   In 'specials' tradition you could of course shoehorn any mill in there, but the Norley's ready for a nifty 1200 HD twin to slip in.

Yeah ,this is right on top of my wish list.  Beautiful lines witha reliable but charismatic motor, what's not to like?

Stay tuned for more.


  1. That's awesome!! But I think I would've called it Nortster....

  2. long as you can get the 'von dutch'logo style lettering on the tank to work, it's all good!

    i think - could be wrong - the small firm who make this kit used to call it the 'norley fartster'. say no more...