Thursday, 21 February 2013


I saw somewhere the other day that the HD 4-speed frame is the 'new hardtail'.

I also saw that the evo sporty is 'the new shovel'.

Man, there's too much 'new' stuff!

I'd say sporties and 4 speeds are totally out there in their own right, they don't have to be some stupid fad.

Whatever, check this great shot from the legendary 'with evo spo' site.  Cutting edge of the inspirational Japanese scene.


  1. Bravo Seb . . . old is the new new . . . WTF ???

  2. Interesting observation! I often thought that whatever is the most affordable bike are the ones that get snatched up and used. I reckon that the Shovels of today will someday command the prices that the Knucks get today! Use what you have and make it yours! "Trend" is a dirty five letter word!
    PS Glad you're back to posting!

  3. thanks for the feedback ... being a bit of an old hippy i'd just have to say 'whatever floats your boat'! but sure, use what you got...shovels will indeed go mental price-wise, kinda like triumphs have over the last few years - it's the way of things.