Friday, 22 February 2013


I gotta say, it makes me feel VERY old that I'm entering my FOURTH decade of guitar pickin'

And I never really got anywhere with it, beyond hammering out many a good tune. But as they say, 'music is its own reward' '78 Les Paul and Fender acoustic bring hours of good times, admittedly only to me rather than the long suffering wife and kids!

So, my mates in 'The Crash Landings' have given me the honour of laying down some bass for them; they're pretty good and have a single out on iTunes at the mo'. Being a Rancid fan and all, I reckon bass could be the way forward... so I got loads of bass heroes from  Simenon to Cliff Burton to Matt Freeman to whoever... but before ANYONE else (apart maybe from Terry from Sabbath) was Lemmy.  He rules.

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